29 June 2012

Pure Design Fair. Part 2, Buenos Aires. (Very organic Shoes)

Nahuel Correa coworker of Lori Carini from Visceral

We can find wonderful things everywhere but during the Pure Design Fair I found  a creative project that deserves a special highlight. I was meandering the halls of the fair looking for the star product that would inspire me! Suddenly, I looked to my left and noticed a lot of commercial space that reminded me of an old neighborhood butchers, with a very nice boy indeed who was inviting me to enter. Inside I found myself asking whether they sell food here? Well, the answer was infront of me.  They sell ​​shoes!

This project is not only about following the usual fashion trends. In particular, it presents us with a new proposal in dressing our feet that goes far beyond anything we've seen so far. Visceral Brand is Argentinean and produces only here in Argentina using leather of tripes (mondongo in spanish). The tripe is prepared with care and precision. Lori Carini, an Industrial designer, is the brain behind the project and idea in using an interesting texture in the leather.

Tripe is obtained as a waste product and is tanned using traditional and ecological plant extracts.
Most important this is a prime example of how a raw material can be transformed into a new, innovative fashion product in a revolutionary way.

Pure Design Fair. Part 1, Buenos Aires.

Every year I visit the Pure Design Fair in Buenos Aires where I meet some of the most prominent representatives of Argentinean design. The entrance was spectacular and I felt the sensation to know more.  The illuminous beauty at the entrance (see picture below) captivated me but I felt dissapointed that this theme was not continued throughout the fair.

Entrada a la Feria 
My chosen brands are shown below,I highlight these in particular for their continuity in developing products designs with sustainability in mind.

Carro, the Argentinean accesories brand, which worked in partnership with Pomada Group during the event, designed products that followed sustanaible methods. They created an exhibition space for the support and demonstration of their design creations. The exhibition stand was made ​​from recycled cardboard and Pomada  then reused the  cardboard  in a productive way and thus performed its objective regarding sustainable development and production.

This project obtained commercialized products that had value-added because they were made from discarded materials.                                 
Exhibition Stand of  Carro +Pomada

Another aspect of the exhibition stand Carro
A display of  reused fabrics. Carro 
Espacio  Carro   +  Pomada

18 June 2012

Amazonas Sandals. A greener alternative!

Amazon Sandals, a new Brazilian brand of sandals. This video gives us a closer look at the ecological consumption of footwear. Their message is to wear Biodegradable products that protect the environment for future generations.

Amazonas Sandals

9 June 2012

Innovation Plastic goes on!

Melissa is a Brazilian brand of plastic shoes.  It is characterized by constant innovations in terms of shapes and volumes to carry on our feet. They usually make collaborations with internationally renowned designers like Alexandre Herchcovitch, Ronaldo Fraga, Vivienne Westwood, Zaha Hadid, Isabella Capeto, Campana Brothers and Gaetano Pesce.

This summer (2013) Melissa will perform collaborative alliance with a young Brazilian designer, Pedro Lourenço. This is not the first time that Melissa bet on emerging with young talents in the fashion world. They already made other important alliances with Jason Wu of Taiwan and Gareth Pugh who is another young designer named best new British designer by the British Fashion Council.

Melissa +  Pedro Lourenço  

Thus Melissa continues adding to its portfolio of brand, different stylistic and cultural imprint products that allows different positioning in the global market with their innovations.

4 June 2012

Fashion Store in Porto Alegre, Brasil

Monjua is a very interesting fashion store located in the beautiful city of Porto Alegre in southern Brazil. It brings together a number of Southern Brazilian brands of clothing and accessories. I particularly like the fact that they use a huge variety of very innovative textures and fabrics. Addionally, the store has expert salesmen  who help choose the best options according to the needs of the client.