10 December 2012

Argentinian designers recycle fashion.

 On November 20, at the Fairgrounds in Buenos Aires, La Rural, The Salvation Army charity, presented the third edition of MR. LOVE. This time, under the slogan "Let's get together". To this was convened to fourteen designers to work in pairs Argentina; plot and Bandoleiro, Amores Trash Couture and Marcelo Giacobbe, Evangelina Bomparola and Pablo Bernard, Ay Not Dead and Paula Selby, Estebecorena Brothers and Celedonio Lohidoy, Tramando and 12-na, Garza Lobos and Laurencio Adot.The proposal was to create a fashion collection from used clothes donated for this charity. and thereby reuse material into disuse.
The event was curated by Kika Tarelli who is the Director General of Bafweek (Buenos Aires Fashion Week), likewise it is the godmother of entrepreneurship Mr LoveThe slogan was developed: "Let's get together". Despite the lack of time, let's find a time to get together.We could talk to Mariano Giacobbe, one of the young promises of costume design from Argentina, and told us that long ago that he wanted to be part of a supportive action of this type. joining the work done with the social reality. He considers this type of action is very important, and that to receive the invitation from the organizers of the event, could not feel more than happy.

Marcelo Giacobbe says that the duo who came to settle the Amores Trash Couture brand was a nice fusion. - Working with Amores has been pleasure told us . And so, this duo formed by a designer brand and resulted in a collection that captures the essence of Argentina women sexual icon of the 60s, Isabel Sarli ¨La  Coca
¨, who has been quite an erotic film star sensual in South America at the time. Animal print, bras, pencil skirts with emphasis on hips, feathers and petticoats are the protagonists. A cross between premium brandsskin and the ranking of the female figure.

Marcelo told us to participate in this project was an excuse to explore and work with color and with items that are not natural for everyday. The whole process of exploring in stores Salvation Army finds motivating and always tends go when looking for inspiration for the posing of new collections.

Likewise Getting together in pairs states that also was a healthy exercise, work a capsule collection of two is different work for one and have to be content with what you do, honestly was very agile and especially our work fun.

He believes that this act could help raise awareness about the major importance of donating clothes and that during a trip to Sweden, he saw the same category as giving the garmentssecond hand to new, linking with social awareness fashion.

We know as promoted in universities of Buenos Aires such sustainable practices and recycling since the beginning of the university where races are held clothing design, achieving thus generate awareness of these issues.

Therefore, with this and other enterprises inspiring where is that brands and designers are committed to the reuse of products and where recycling plays an important role, even creating sustainable business models, we see good eyes to other South American cities join this type of initiatives.

14 November 2012

Brazilian companies become global!

There is a lot to say about the growth and expansion of Latin American companies in the world. The fact is that South American companies are entering into new European, American or Asian markets.

This is a very important event for the region and wecould say that many labels are becoming global. The Brazilian company Melissa, who makes plastic shoesbelonging to the Group Grendene, is an example.

Melissa is one of the footwear labels that apply more innovation, technology and design to the development process. It is really notable for having achieved a simple plastic shoe; Thanks to the technology used today, certain attributes of their plastic shoes are different whilst being a pleasant and comfortable experience. These shoes smell like strawberries, thanks to a permanent fragrance MEFLEX.  It also uses a type of flexible plastic that iswaterproof and 100% hypoallergenic so not harmful toyour health. One aspect of the process that is important to Melissa is environmental care and friendliness.  

They engage employees to make them understand that they are a fundamental part of the whole process. With its majestic exclusive shop in the luxurious Oscar Freire Street in the City of Sao Paulo, the company is ready to conquer the world!

The brand today, increases its market share in the world of footwear through major distributors and retailers that have reptible online market in major cities worldwide.

Melissa never rests and is constantly experimenting with new shapes and volumes, whilst varying textures and colour combinations.  This applies to all seasonsand new lines in collaboration with international artists and designers, which is evident in their portfolios.

Melissa has also made alliances with different British designers and artists such as Vivianne Westwood, the Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, the young talent Gareth Pugh and the artist Julie Verhoeven.  They have collaborated in the creation of wonderfully limited edition of shoes by this brand. Similarly for the Brazilian side we can refer to the best exponents of Brazilian talent as designers; Alexandre Herchcovitch, Ronaldo Fraga, Isabella Capetto, Campana brothers, Gaetano Pesce and young emerging talent Pedro Lourenço.  Each of these designers were summoned by Melisa to create a design team that creates unique and limited editions.

In my point of view there are many opportunities with a greater number of artists and designers from other Latin American countries that are more than capable of participating in the enhancement of the design of these plastic shoes.

During the London Fashion Week 2013, I visit Covent Garden area and could see one of the last Melissa Stores opened under the POP UP SHOP concept, one that is already well embedded in the great capitals of the world by different companies. It's sort of Temporary Store, which allows brands to promote themselves, know their final consumer in the market test and analyze the feasibility of developing the brand in that region; trend inspired by the happenings of the 50s.

The excellent logistical conditions that  Europe and other developed countries haveallows Melissa to break into the world's major cities.

Talking with those responsible Managers for the London POP UP STORE, tell us that it was opened during the recent Olympic Games in 2012 and will remain open until the end of the year beginning 2012. They consider these POP STORES are a very good way to test the product in the local market and analyze the possibility of a store in the near future. As one that recently opened in New York City has already won awards for best STORE.

Those in charge of Melissa's Pop Shop Store in London located on King Street in Covent Garden say that those who enter are curious to experience this type of walking shoes and in possessing a sixth pair.

One can say that this brand shoes are an object of desire, that can be considered atrue Love Mark. Melissa`s designs are collectibles and used beyond current trends. The brand has worldwide followers who call themselves Melisseiras, and in many cases travel  to Sao Paulo only to find the latest releases of the brand.

26 October 2012

PESQUEIRA; Fun and sensitive

Pesqueira ™ is a brand of clothing and accessories from Argentina whos creative director is the designer Valeria Pesqueira. She has a unique sesnsibility, which transmits within each collection she designs.

The brand has a store located in the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Upon entering, we are enticed to roam around the store, because at every step we find interesting spaces within it. The place is charming, and invites us to observe and feel immersed in a small world of fantasies and childhood memories. Most excitingly it is very playful providing us with the perfect combination indeed. Pesqueira ™ garments are assembled using genres of fine materials and high quality.

Something very characteristic of the Pesqueira ™ brand, is the use of prints which are very entertaining to look at.  In particular, the graphics are of very sensitive and interesting elements connected with nature for instance, vast flora, fauna and landscapes are protruding.

The colours and contrasts are already identified as Pesqueira ™ regarding the use of colour, always combining very judicious manner and without excess. The designs are timeless and unconditionally to fashion trends. With all this we would like to think we can use them for a lifetime and cherish them forever.

The stars of it wildlife designs are bears, birds, rabbits and dogs In terms of the use of its wildlife collection special mention must be made for Pesqueira ™ accessories and footwear.  Portfolios comprise of, envelopes, wallets and purses. These cute little animals have managed to win the hearts of the many worldwide fans and celebrities of Pesqueira ™. It is also designing leather accessories with some volume and texture that make a real, cuddly and friendly touch.

Overall, we can say that we are dealing with a brand that has managed to materialize with a playfulness that has very clear concepts such as good manners, pure colours, aesthetics and a simplified silhouette that suits everybody.

The brand has recently added a new member to their fun wildlife collection. This is a cute rabbit that, I believe in time, will become the new star and showgirl in Pesqueira ™

This South American design, is booming and is the focus of major fashion retailers outside of South America. This is clear when we learn that we can find Pesqueira ™ products in the most prestigious multi-brand stores in the world, such as HP France in Tokyo, Moma in NYC and Tokyo and, most importantly in Opening Ceremony in NYC and LA.



16 October 2012


There is something very interesting happening in the Argentinean fashion market when two companies, one  with more commercial profile and the other with more creative profilecome together strategically to show the best of themselves.

Topper is a leading sports and footwear brand in Argentina with over 30 years of experience in the market, nationwide presence and strong business profile. Moreover, Martin Churba is a talented designer and textile artist from Argentina and is the leader of the company Tramando with exclusive shops in the city of Buenos Aires and Tokyo. Both brands are of Argentinean origin.

In Spring / Summer 2012/13, Topper created a limited edition line in collaboration with Martin Churba.

The collection consists of sportswear with interesting textile interventions that are designed with great care concerning specific technical adaptations. Sports science has been applied to the designs and selection of textiles.

These garments have been specifically designed for women seeking to maintain their style and personality when playing sports, whilst supporting the female body during sporting activities. Overall the concept of the collection is a fusion between fashion, sport and technology trends.

This is the second time the company Topper  and the designer Martin Churba unite with purpose as differentiators. This is a good thing for big brands with experience in the market because they allow networking between artists and designers from Argentina with international projection. Argentina national industry is favoured everywhere.


Here are some examples of what can be achieved by making two marks synergy.