26 October 2012

PESQUEIRA; Fun and sensitive

Pesqueira ™ is a brand of clothing and accessories from Argentina whos creative director is the designer Valeria Pesqueira. She has a unique sesnsibility, which transmits within each collection she designs.

The brand has a store located in the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Upon entering, we are enticed to roam around the store, because at every step we find interesting spaces within it. The place is charming, and invites us to observe and feel immersed in a small world of fantasies and childhood memories. Most excitingly it is very playful providing us with the perfect combination indeed. Pesqueira ™ garments are assembled using genres of fine materials and high quality.

Something very characteristic of the Pesqueira ™ brand, is the use of prints which are very entertaining to look at.  In particular, the graphics are of very sensitive and interesting elements connected with nature for instance, vast flora, fauna and landscapes are protruding.

The colours and contrasts are already identified as Pesqueira ™ regarding the use of colour, always combining very judicious manner and without excess. The designs are timeless and unconditionally to fashion trends. With all this we would like to think we can use them for a lifetime and cherish them forever.

The stars of it wildlife designs are bears, birds, rabbits and dogs In terms of the use of its wildlife collection special mention must be made for Pesqueira ™ accessories and footwear.  Portfolios comprise of, envelopes, wallets and purses. These cute little animals have managed to win the hearts of the many worldwide fans and celebrities of Pesqueira ™. It is also designing leather accessories with some volume and texture that make a real, cuddly and friendly touch.

Overall, we can say that we are dealing with a brand that has managed to materialize with a playfulness that has very clear concepts such as good manners, pure colours, aesthetics and a simplified silhouette that suits everybody.

The brand has recently added a new member to their fun wildlife collection. This is a cute rabbit that, I believe in time, will become the new star and showgirl in Pesqueira ™

This South American design, is booming and is the focus of major fashion retailers outside of South America. This is clear when we learn that we can find Pesqueira ™ products in the most prestigious multi-brand stores in the world, such as HP France in Tokyo, Moma in NYC and Tokyo and, most importantly in Opening Ceremony in NYC and LA.



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