12 October 2012

BESTIA'S, Made in Chile, not in China.

Whenever I come across a brand, I try to follow and analyse their proposals. Most of the time, these revolve around the development of the product, its collection, and brand image campaign, etc… Well, not all cases are the same. Some time ago I came across a Chilean brand of shoes called BESTIAS , which began as a challenge of two young Chilean industrial designers called Felipe Velasco and Ignacio Rios. The intention is to revive the Chilean footwear industry, which deal with the flood of Chinese shoes sold in that country, that was about to disappear.

The proposal seeks to reinitiate not only Chilean design, but also the industry of that country, where only 10% of the footwear consumed in Chile comes from national industry officials said, the rest is all imported.

The most interesting aspects of this brand are the social values they propose.  In particular they seeks to respect and admire the master craftsman of the shoe, select a fine selection of raw materials of domestic origin and maintain a close link to with the designer.  Above all, they ensure that the customer values this commitment and develop a way to generate new sources of employment in Chile. Therefore, establishing a sincere relationship between the commercial and social.

As a result of all this effort and acceptance by the local public,  BESTIAS opened its first store, just a few weeks ago, in the always-interesting Drugstore Gallery in the city of Santiago de Chile. 

The speech and message as brand and product proposition are really inspiring. The importance of working only with input from Chile and using local master shoemakers who have the job of a lifetime, is definitely a highlight.

I leave you with a video of BESTIAS to know a little more about the proposal of the brand.

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