2 August 2012

TALITHA. A relationship within the garment

A few weeks ago I finally met Talitha brand in their showroom in the city of Buenos Aires. Honestly, for a long time I had the intension of visiting the showroom to see her clothes and finally I had the opportunity to feel and try them on.

Cecilia Hernandez, the creative director in Talitha, is a young Ecuadorian, who became a professional designer in the city of Buenos Aires. She shuttles between the two countries and has big plans to develop her brand in Argentina.

Regarding the clothes, I can say that the feel of the textures are incredibly interesting. They feel like caressing objects attached to our body and therefore allow us to move as if we were with some protection.

A Wonderful Experience! Additionally, the clothes generate interesting organic irregularities and volume to
the body.

The fabrics are very natural. The feeling is unique due to the certain structure and strength of the fabrics.

Cecilia Hernandez explains that these are unique pieces, experimental designs and the philosophy of the sensitive relationship that develops between the subject's clothing (the garment) and in the subject (the person). Fortunately, I've experienced in complete agreement, what Cecilia Hernandez wants to communicate.

I wait in anticipation for the next collection!


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