10 December 2012

Argentinian designers recycle fashion.

 On November 20, at the Fairgrounds in Buenos Aires, La Rural, The Salvation Army charity, presented the third edition of MR. LOVE. This time, under the slogan "Let's get together". To this was convened to fourteen designers to work in pairs Argentina; plot and Bandoleiro, Amores Trash Couture and Marcelo Giacobbe, Evangelina Bomparola and Pablo Bernard, Ay Not Dead and Paula Selby, Estebecorena Brothers and Celedonio Lohidoy, Tramando and 12-na, Garza Lobos and Laurencio Adot.The proposal was to create a fashion collection from used clothes donated for this charity. and thereby reuse material into disuse.
The event was curated by Kika Tarelli who is the Director General of Bafweek (Buenos Aires Fashion Week), likewise it is the godmother of entrepreneurship Mr LoveThe slogan was developed: "Let's get together". Despite the lack of time, let's find a time to get together.We could talk to Mariano Giacobbe, one of the young promises of costume design from Argentina, and told us that long ago that he wanted to be part of a supportive action of this type. joining the work done with the social reality. He considers this type of action is very important, and that to receive the invitation from the organizers of the event, could not feel more than happy.

Marcelo Giacobbe says that the duo who came to settle the Amores Trash Couture brand was a nice fusion. - Working with Amores has been pleasure told us . And so, this duo formed by a designer brand and resulted in a collection that captures the essence of Argentina women sexual icon of the 60s, Isabel Sarli ¨La  Coca
¨, who has been quite an erotic film star sensual in South America at the time. Animal print, bras, pencil skirts with emphasis on hips, feathers and petticoats are the protagonists. A cross between premium brandsskin and the ranking of the female figure.

Marcelo told us to participate in this project was an excuse to explore and work with color and with items that are not natural for everyday. The whole process of exploring in stores Salvation Army finds motivating and always tends go when looking for inspiration for the posing of new collections.

Likewise Getting together in pairs states that also was a healthy exercise, work a capsule collection of two is different work for one and have to be content with what you do, honestly was very agile and especially our work fun.

He believes that this act could help raise awareness about the major importance of donating clothes and that during a trip to Sweden, he saw the same category as giving the garmentssecond hand to new, linking with social awareness fashion.

We know as promoted in universities of Buenos Aires such sustainable practices and recycling since the beginning of the university where races are held clothing design, achieving thus generate awareness of these issues.

Therefore, with this and other enterprises inspiring where is that brands and designers are committed to the reuse of products and where recycling plays an important role, even creating sustainable business models, we see good eyes to other South American cities join this type of initiatives.

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