15 December 2011

Chilean gastronomy; wonderful thing!

Whenever I go to Chile for pleasure or work it is very common to run from one side to the other and not have time to enjoy its cuisine. The fact is that on this occasion I have taken 3 additional days to go to the beautiful town of ConCon, which is on the seafront. According to the recommendations of my local friend Constanza de Larderel, I could not leave without tasting the food in a cute restaurant called "the kitty" (La Gatita in Spanish). The  kitty always has a lot of people waiting outside and it's quite normal to wait 40 minutes to enter the restaurant. This place really left me speechless due to the variety of delicacies and flavors, as such you can not leave this town without tasting their food. Everything is fresh from the sea and caught on the day. Another place to know is where they eat the best pies in the region. The place is called "the deliciosas" this is so are delicious patties there. Do not forget to try the seafood pies!!! 

Machas a la Parmesana

Ostiones al Pil Pil
Reineta a la manteca
Empanada de Mariscos

Comida Casera

Comida Casera

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