15 May 2012

Recycled Bags and purses

BlueQ Label; This interesting project that reuses plastic to create new products such as, bags and purses deserve my respect. After unifying the plastic, they are very innovative by stamping it with graphics that decontextualized the product that it once was. They can be found on various points of sale in Europe. The graphics and pictures are so beautiful and are made ​​from 95% post-consumer material, what`s more I have now become a fan of them!

I bought them in Asos.com

Likewise we can find in Argentina a very good example of responsibility for the reuse of textile material. We are facing a brand of accessories that reuses material from different locations, costumes, bags of grain, tailoring to create different products. The brand is called CARRO. Firstly they select the fabrics by type and color, then make the appropriate washes, and experiment through the shape, pattern and design of the objects they use to create items such as tablet/laptop sleeves, purses and backpacks etc...

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